1971-74 Muncie M21 Super Case 4 Speed Transmission 2.20 Close Ratio 26/32 Spline

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1971-74 Muncie M21 – ALL NEW GEARS!
4 Speed Transmission
2.20 1st Gear Close Ratio

Main Case 18-065-901-L
Tail Housing 3978764
Side Cover 2 335308

Auto Gear Main Case – No VIN or Date Code

Passenger Side Speedo

26/32 Spline

Has a NEW gear set and has been rebuilt to include:
NEW autogear main case
NEW 1st gear
NEW 2nd gear
NEW 3rd gear
NEW input shaft
NEW cluster gear
NEW mainshaft
NEW bearing retainer
NEW bearing retainer locks
NEW magnetic fill plug
NEW synchro rings
NEW synchro ring kits
NEW hardware
NEW keys/springs
NEW front bearing
NEW rear bearing
NEW small parts kit
NEW bushing
NEW seals
NEW cluster pin
NEW gasket
OEM bolts

Cases have been media blasted, steam cleaned, and painted. All threaded holes have been cleaned and tapped also.

A custom wooden crate and insurance is provided in the S&H costs.

A one year limited warranty is included.

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Davids4Speeds LLC

626 East Kilbourn #2304
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3535 West State Street
Milwaukee WI 53208
(by appointment only)

Phone: +1 (262) 513-8331

Davids4Speeds LLC is owned and operated by David West. With 30 years experience as a mechanic and muscle car specialist, David West re-builds 4-speed manual transmissions for 196x-197x automobiles.

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