1966-74 Muncie M20 2.52 1st Cluster Gear and Lightened 27 Spline Mainshaft – Used Racing

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1966-74 Muncie M20 2.52 1st Cluster Gear and Lightened 27 Spline Mainshaft – Used Racing- 2 speeds ( 3 & 4 gear)

1″ Cluster Pin

Tooth counts: 17-Misising-22-25

For years racers have reduced the weight of their gearboxes by gun-drilling finished main-shafts- a slow, expensive and tiresome way for transmissions with small diameter pilots that must be relieved at the output end, modest savings. ‘Muncie’ designs, with their large diameter pilots and hefty body can be relieved from the pilot end for much greater gains

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