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You! Building Your Tranny

Would you like to work at the bench with me to assemble your tranny? Come to Milwaukee and we’ll show you a nice time and you’ll work with me to assemble your tranny. ITINERARY:

  • Arrive in time for dinner your first night in Milwaukee at Smyth, the dinner restaurant at the Iron Horse Hotel
  • Stay overnight at a Downtown Hotel, subject to availability
  • Breakfast at the Milwaukee Hilton
  • Work in the Davids4Speeds shop with David West, assembling your tranny.
  • Lunch at The Ambassador Hotel 
  • Finish up and pack your tranny for shipping home
  • Tour Harley Davidson Museum
  • Dinner at Mader’s or Karl Ratzsch’s, Milwaukee historic German purveyors.
  • Nightcap at Blu, in the Pfister Hotel, overlooking Milwaukee
  • Second overnight stay
  • Head home the next morning!

COST: $580.00 plus the cost of your tranny WIFE INTERESTED? While you and David work on the tranny, she’ll tour Milwaukee landmarks including:

add $300.00 for spouse meals and tickets. DETAILS:

  • Meals include your choice from the menu and the first round of drinks.
  • Transportation from arrival to departure will be in our vehicles. Once you know how you will get to Milwaukee, we’ll arrange to meet you at the Airport or Train Station, or guide you to parking.
  • Room: Hotel availability ranges from anywhere to very tight booking. We’ll coordinate with you for a downtown stay.
  • You will ship your tranny ahead of time to Davids4Speeds so it can be inspected, torn down, and refurbished. We’ll have it ready for assembly when you arrive. We’ll ship it home from the shop, or you can take it with you.

Send a note to my wife with the dates you are interested in and we’ll get you set up! [email protected]