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Transmission Bolts

Fasteners and Grade 8 Bolts, Oh My!

Let’s have a conversation about fasteners, specifically bolts for 4 speed transmissions, all of ’em, the ST10, Muncie trans of all flavors and Ford Toploaders.

I often see people advertising the use of grade 8 bolts on their manual transmissions.

I don’t think this is a good idea. In fact, I don’t know of any 4 speed transmissions in the 1960’s or 70s that used nor suggested a grade 8 bolt.

Start to Finish: Restoring a Muncie Transmission

I’ve got three videos on YouTube, detailing the steps I take to restore a Muncie Transmission. Here’s a California Tranny from a Corvette that came in to the shop and went through diagnostics, machining, restoration, assembly and shipping. Gives you a good idea of that I’m doing while your transmission is visiting Davids4Speeds.

Video 2

Video 3