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Name: David West

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

United States

Owner and proprietor of Davids4Speeds LLC. Known on eBay as Detail4spd, selling rebuilt transmissions and auto parts collected over a lifetime of playing with muscle cars.

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David at a swap meet

You may know David West from one of the Midwestern swap meets. He’s been a regular at Jefferson and Iola for 20 years.

Or, you may have shopped in David’s store on Ebay. He’s known as Detail4spd there and has reached “Red Star Power Seller” status with over 4000 references from buyers and sellers.

David has been a fan of muscle cars since he was a youngster. He and his friends hung out at the Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove Wisconsin. Most of his vehicles were unsuitable for street use, used only for racing.

David was a heavy equipment mechanic and worked at A.O. Smith (later Tower Automotive) for 30 years. He can’t pass up a garage or estate sale, always hoping to find a stash of  4 speed transmissions ready to be re-built.

David keeps up with the industry traipsing the convention floor at SEMA, meeting suppliers and swapping tips with collectors and re-builders from around the world. He was quoted in Business Week Magazine April 2008.

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