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Don’s Car

Hi David,

This is my first car I got it when I was 15 and this November I’ll have it 41 years. When I had the car done I had all GM panels put on, full quarters, fenders, door skins no after market!

Transmission Bolts

Fasteners and Grade 8 Bolts, Oh My!

Let’s have a conversation about fasteners, specifically bolts for 4 speed transmissions, all of ’em, the ST10, Muncie trans of all flavors and Ford Toploaders.

I often see people advertising the use of grade 8 bolts on their manual transmissions.

I don’t think this is a good idea. In fact, I don’t know of any 4 speed transmissions in the 1960’s or 70s that used nor suggested a grade 8 bolt.

Solar Roadways celebrating Prototype

We are excited to see this couple celebrating their proof of concept, a solar roadway. They caught our attention and the attention of the Department of Transportation and GE Informagination Contest, to take a crazy idea, build a prototype, and then a sample for outdoor testing. Next up is a larger area in their hometown, and then they will be ready to manufacture for installation in larger settings (like maybe our hometown too!)

Car show: Father’s Day in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Last weekend I invoked my privileges as a Dad, and went to the Car Show put on each year by Borchardt Speed Shop. It was their largest, with over 550 cars. We traipsed over the entire 5 blocks, and watched folks taking their babies out for a joy ride in the neighborhood. Some folks missed the watchful eye of the local police, and ignored the signs warning no burnouts, and we heard the sirens pulling them over.

Everyone had a great time, bringing the family to check out the cars.