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Davids 4 Speeds | Muncie 4 Speeds specialist


I specialize in re-building 4 Speed Transmissions and Shifters for 1960’s and 1970’s vintage cars. Contact us for a quote when you are ready to get your favorite muscle car back on the road!

3 Reasons customers call me at (262) 513-8331:

EXPERIENCE I’m a true Gear Head
I work full-time doing tranny restoration. For over 30 years, I’ve worked as a professional mechanic. I’ve done my own frame off restoration of a 1967 GTO and was a drag racer for 3 years. My customer’s cars appear at “Best in Class” shows, including Barrett Jackson, SEMA and Super Chevy.

QUALITY You don’t want to wonder is whether your tranny is solid.
I personally re-build ALL my transmissions, not an auto tech or intern. The best available parts are imported for my customers. For instance, for stock Muncies, I use 12 ball front bearings instead of 8 ball front bearings.

DETAILToo bad my name’s not Art, because these are Works of Art!
I am known for exquisite attention to detail. Just look at the close-up pictures of my trannies to see the beautiful finish. One example of my attention to detail is that I offer re-plated OEM bolts. Tell me what you have in mind!

Have a look in our 4 Speed Transmissions Shop.

Call or email me with your application and the time frame for your next tranny!
David West
[email protected]
262.513.8331 phone

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